Friendly Worship Team

Worship at Friendly is a key component of our mission. Creating an environment where God is magnified is the goal of the Worship Team. James MacDonald, pastor of Harvest Bible Fellowship, says, "Worship is mind, emotions, and will engaged in whole-person ascription of worth." It is more than a song or music. It is more than just truth; it is more than just emotion.

Our worship time is characterized by celebration & reverence; joyful singing & prayerful whispers. Some stand to sing, some remain seated. Prayer is a marked characteristic of our worship time. We seek the presence of God.

Lindsey Miller serves as our Worship Leader. He coordinates all music and special events for Sunday morning, working with our Pastor, Choir Director, and Worship teams to present a time of worship for our church.

We have several places where you can contribute.

Worship Band: We have a team of instrumentalists who work together to play contemporary worship songs for Sunday mornings. Electric & acoustic guitar, bass, drums, percussion, piano, keyboards, and other instruments are in use. We welcome musicians who are interested to contact us about joining our team. Musicians rehearse 4-6 hours per week together.

Lead Vocalists serve as vocal leaders for songs. Vocalists must be in step with musicians in terms of song form and tempo. They participate in Sunday & Wednesday rehearsals with the band. This position requires 3-4 hours weekly of organized rehearsal.

Our tech team consists of several members who have developed some technical expertise:

Sound Technicians: Ensures the sound mix from all sources is mixed effectively for the congregation. Troubleshoots component and mixing issues. Ensures equipment is operational. Participates in Wednesday rehearsal and Sunday morning sound checks.

Media Tech: Operates media systems on Sunday. Participates in Sunday morning sound check to assist vocalists and ensure lyrics are accurate to form being used. Verifies additional media used is functional.

Light Tech: Operates lighting in fashion to facilitate intimate worship setting. Participates in Sunday morning sound check by band to make lighting plan and develop transitions as needed.

Camera operators: Video recording is done for services each week. Techs run the video board each week. Interested in learning to mix sound, media, video or lighting? See Steve Lyles for more information!

What To Expect

What should I expect when I attend Friendly Baptist Church?

The most important thing for you to know is that Friendly Baptist Church is one of the friendliest churches you'll ever find. You do not have to worry about being judged or singled out. We are going to love on you just as we do our own family. We all have stories to share…this is a place where we would love to hear your story. We would like for you to fill out a visitor's card, but you don't have to. We hope you'll linger after the worship service so we can get acquainted with you.

What do people wear and what style are your worship services?

Some of our folks wear casual clothes like jeans or slacks. Some wear suits or dresses. No one is uncomfortable!
Our services consist of singing, praying and praising the Lord. We offer two worship services on Sunday which meet at 10:15 AM & 5:00 PM. Our 10:15 AM service is a “blended” style led by our adult choir and praise band. The evening service at 5:00 PM is a more traditional service.

How long does worship last?

Our typical morning worship service lasts about an hour. The pastor's message usually lasts 20-30 minutes.