Ignite: Student Ministry

We exist to IGNITE a passion for Jesus Christ, connections that last, and compassion for those in need.

Philosophy of Ministry

We believe that students need to have a balanced spiritual experience. Fellowship, Worship, Discipleship, Evangelism and Ministry constitute the essential elements every student needs to develop a balanced spiritual life.

Often parents and students assume that merely "coming to church" is enough. While church attendance is critical, it is also important that a student attends church activities that provide a balanced spiritual experience.

It is similar to a student only attending science class. While science is important, other subjects such as math, english, history, etc are vital to having a well-rounded education. In the same manner it is important that students have a well-rounded spiritual education.

Ignite Student Ministry's purpose statement reflects its commitment to provide fun and exciting programs and events that seek first and foremost to exalt Jesus Christ while also providing a balanced spiritual experience.